Aeon brought purchasing representatives from many countries to Vietnam to find supplies

Recently, Aeon Group had a meeting with the Organizing Committee of Vietnam International Sourcing 2023. At the meeting, Aeon said that it would mobilize a large number of purchasing representatives in the system, from many countries; in which, there are China, Japan, Thailand and Malaysia coming to Vietnam to attend the Series of Events which will be held from September 13 to 15, 2023 at Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC), Ho Chi Minh City.

AEON mall in Binh Tan, Ho Chi Minh City. Photo courtersy of AEON.

According to the latest information, some of the areas that Aeon wants to find partners through this Series of Events include: agricultural products (including fresh, dried, frozen, and processed goods); paper products (toilet paper, napkins, wipes…); kitchen utensils made from plastic; slipper…

A representative of Aeon Group said that the main goal of the purchasing team is to find manufacturing enterprises in Vietnam that are capable and meet Aeon’s criteria and standards to become a sustainable supply partner. only in Vietnam but also in the global Aeon TopValu system. The delegation will also have activities to visit raw material areas, planting areas, production factories…

Besides, Aeon will also organize a series of specialized seminars to update knowledge on market trends and develop smart consumer products of the Group; share experiences from partners who have been successful in becoming Aeon’s suppliers or even lessons from failures.

In particular, the Organizing Committee hopes that through methodical purchasing activities, many domestic exporters will have more opportunities to find output for products such as official agricultural products, to key markets in the region. sector through the Group’s value chain. Detailed information about the chain of events and trade connection activities can be found at

According to the European-American Market Department, Vietnam International Sourcing 2023 is organized to effectively support businesses in their efforts to participate more deeply in the global production and supply chain, adapting to the integration trend. The international economy is increasingly deepening, as well as promoting the connection between distribution channels, foreign importers and domestic manufacturing and exporting enterprises.

This is also an activity to implement the Project “Promoting Vietnamese enterprises to directly participate in foreign distribution networks by 2030” approved by the Prime Minister in Decision No. 1415/QD-TTg dated 14 November 2022. The Ministry of Industry and Trade assigns the Europe-America Market Department to act as the focal point to coordinate with the Asia-Africa Market Department and related agencies and units in organizing the implementation.

Source: Viet Nam Posts English
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